BENGS Restore

Three bottles of BENGS Restore will be delivered to your door once a quarter – one bottle for each month in the quarter.  In addition to the savings per bottle when you have a quarterly subscription, you also receive free shipping.

You will need to set up an account to subscribe. Your account allows you to be in control. You can manage and change your orders, update your delivery address and payment methods and see when your next bottle will be shipped.

Our return policy is simple. We offer a 100%,30-day, money-back guarantee on your first bottle of Restore.

Flesje van 15 ml - Voldoende voor één maand

1 tot 2 – €24,50
3 tot 6 – €23,00
6 of meer - € 21,50

Gratis verzending bij 3 of meer flesjes

Abonneer je om te Besparen
Bespaar op elke nabestelling
Annuleer of wijzig op elk moment

Let op: abonnementen kunnen niet samen met losse producten gekocht worden!

Per maand – €22,50

Per kwartaal - €67,50 + gratis verzending

4 keer daags 2 druppels

H2O plus resonant informatie