BENGS Restore

Restore Bottle

BENGS Restore is for the imbalances we all experience in life. It is all about supporting balance. The body is wise and naturally seeks information to right itself and to restore balance.

BENGS Restore begins as pure H2O with resonant information added.

We can’t make any claims about BENGS Restore. People have reported all kinds of positive effects, but the only way to learn the effect it may have for you, is to try it. Since the body uses information according to its wisdom, we cannot predict what you will experience.

We offer first time users a money back guarantee.

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BENGS Perform

BENGS Perform was developed for athletes and people who are looking for hydration with an extra spark in their daily activities. When the body is asked to perform or stretched to its limits and extra spark may be helpful. This is a natural solution consisting of H2O plus proprietary Resonant Water.

Positive results have been reported. However, we can’t make any claims and the only way to know if BENGS Perform is for you is to try it for yourself.

We offer first time users a money back guarantee.  (There is no money back guarantee for Perform)

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Restore Bottle